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Hard done by Score from Passed out Board

edited March 2013 in Anything Else
Hello to Mr Bridge . Your advise please . I have recently played at my local club ( 7 Tables Duplicate ) on one hand I am South last to bid all other players have passed. I hold 12 points but only by virtue of holding 2 Aces with no back up in those suits and no5 card suit. I have always been advised to beware of bidding in this situation and Passed out on this deal. However all other pairings made a bid of some sort West and East played once each and North and South twice each. Scores were all over the place ! however we as North/South on this hand were awarded a Bottom 0 points and asking the scorer the reason I am told that because we did not bid we are bottom and East/West are top 12 points ??
Don't really understand why only N/S are penalised because E/W didn't bid either. Would have considered an Average to be more equitable . I await your response with keen interest.


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    It is true that you will awarded a score of 0, but your match points
    will be determined by your relative score to the other N/S pairs.

    You will only score 0 match points if you were the N/S with the lowest score.
    So all the other N/S that declared must have made their contracts. And
    all the E/W pairs must have gone off. You at least had the choice of making a bid.

    You get many situations like this in duplicate pairs, you can often not bid, but the
    pair you happen to play a particular set of cards are the only ones to bid
    the slam. All the other opposite pairs that play that board make the same number of tricks, but didn't bid the slam. You get a bottom.

    You have to take the long view. Sometimes you'll be sat the other way, getting a
    top when N/S pass out. Would you accept an average then?
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