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Arrow Switching

edited February 2013 in Bridge Laws
Is there a convention for which way to switch the boards in a arrow switch ? i.e. Presuming that N/S stay sitting in their normal position, and the E/W come to the table. Who is then North ? The new E or W. Or isn't there a convention and it's just up to E/W to decide who would like to be North ? Thanks


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    It's up to the director to say or the club to have a regulation but in EBU events the norm is for East to become North.
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    If there are bridgemates is there any reason why original North should not go on operating the machine? As a director this is my preference but in my experience often either the new North-South grab it or the old North forces it on a bemused opponent.
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    If a club is using Pianola (sort of a bridge facebook), East should become North because the software tracks your personal (not just partnership) performance.
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