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How do you bid this hand?

edited November 2012 in Anything Else
Dealer East, all vulnerable.
East 96543 AK109843 x -
South Jx xx QJxxxx A10x
West AK7 x A1097 Qxxxx
North Q10x QJx Kx KJxxx

At our table the bidding went 1Heart, 2Diamonds, 2NT, pass, 3Spades, pass, pass, pass.
East made 12 tricks.
Other tables finished in 4Hearts making eleven.


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    Most of the bids are a little odd, but South's pass of 3S is truly bizarre. But perhaps not so bizarre for a player who bid 2NT the round before? I assume this is non-forcing? Has he noticed that his partner opened, and he has 13 HCP?

    He may have an agreement that partner's openers night be a very shapely 7-count (illegal, by the way, if played in the EBU), but why should he assume this? Partner has bid as if he had a rock.
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