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15 points and a 5 card minor

edited October 2012 in All Things Bridge
I have 15 points as dealer and open 1 club having 5, my partner bids 1 spade having 5 as it turns out, opponents pass. I have 2 spades, 2 diamonds and 4 good hearts. I bid 1NT to show 15/16 points, my partner has 10 points and bids 3NT but also only has 2 diamonds.
Opponents A & K diamonds take us out and they win 3 more diamond tricks and we go 2 down. Bidding incorrectly by others it actually makes 4 hearts and 4 spades.
Should you bid 1NT with 15/16 and two doubletons and no stopers?


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    You can use some variation of a convention called "new minor forcing" or "checkback Stayman" to uncover 5-3 major suit fits or 4-4 fits that might have been missed. When partner has 10 points, (s)he must force, and a fourth suit bid would do that very well. Further, if you bid fourth suit and partner has 3 trumps, supporting you in what may be your 5-card long major seems a good idea!
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