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Crowhurst convention

edited June 2012 in All Things Bridge
Sadly, Eric Crowhurst has recently died. I think his 2C convention over a 1NT rebid is a good one, but can't find a partner to play it with, as it seems to have dropped out of general club use. Any comments would be welcomed.


    edited August 2013
    I think many people open 1NT on almost all hands that might if they have the right number of points.  To have a 1NT rebid to show a NT hand that includes the range for an opening 1NT becomes redundant.

    But using a 2C rebid by responder to sort out major suit fits is still a good idea.   Many people play 2C as "checkback" or "XYZ", or play "new minor forcing".
  • edited 3:24AM
    We play a relatively wide-ranging balancing 1NT, and play Crowhurst over this.
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