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Rules - when is a card deemed to have been played?

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I put my finger on a card and move it towards me and then immediately push it back into it's origical place and remove my finger before the opposition play a card - has that card been 'played'?


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    I was dummy and my partner was playing the hand i.e. we were not defending.

    Possible answer:
    Rule 45D. Card Misplayed by Dummy
    If dummy places in the played position a card that declarer did not name, the card must be withdrawn if attention is drawn to it before each side has played to the next trick, and a defender may withdraw and return to his hand a card played after the error but before attention was drawn to it; if declarer’s RHO changes his play, declarer may withdraw a card he had subsequently played to that trick. (See Law 16D.)
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    If you were dummy, had declarer called for a card?

    If declarer had called for a card then that card is played, if dummy puts the card back in dummy it must nevertheless be played.  If dummy puts a different card "in the played position" then that must be corrected (and Law 45D may apply).

    If declarer has not called for a card (or otherwise indicated which card should be played) then dummy moving dummy's cards about does not make a card played.  It may constitute a suggestion to declarer (and there is a law for that).
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