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edited February 2012 in All Things Bridge
Why is the handicap a positive number yet applied as a negative number? My handicap is +3.98, a plus number but in fact it is applied to my percentage score as a negative number i.e. it is deducted. I understand why it should be deducted so why then does it not appear as -3.98?


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    Obviously the way it is quoted is just a matter of convention, but there is some logic to it:

    Your handicap of +3.98 says that you are expected to be 3.98% _better_ than average, so it's positive to say that you are a good player. The higher the handicap the better.

    So to make your score comparable to a weaker player, that has to be subtracted from your score.

    This is not the same as golf, where low scores are good and a high handicap is bad.
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