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bidding too fast

edited January 2012 in Bridge Laws
Declarer takes a bid from the bidding box. Between its selection and it being put on the table LHO puts a pass card in front of himself. Declarer realises he has selected the wrong bid and wants to change it and does so well within the permitted time. His RHO the tells him he can't change it because LHO has bid. Sounds nonsense to me. Surely LHO should have waited till the bid was completed before passing. Comments please.



  • edited October 2012
    Yes it is nonsense, as long as the first bid removed was inadvertant -- ie, the wrong card came out, rather than opener realising that he had selected a wrong card. It cannot be a change of mind, no matter how absurd the original thinking was.

    For a mechanical error of this sort the expiry time to change it is before partner has bid.

    By the way, the EBU regulation is that a bid is made when the card clears the bidding box. In other jurisdications there are other regulations, such as a bid is made when it is placed on the table. Non-affiliated clubs will have their own regulations; probably following the Orange Book is more sensible than reinventing the wheel.
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