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Tiimed out

edited December 2011 in Bridge Laws
If a board has not been started and all others are practically finished then the T.D. I understand can time-out the 4 players and when scoring on "Scorebridge" delete that board from the scoring so their % result is calculated on the number of boards they played not the number they should have played.

If the T.D. decides to stop them playing out the board, then should that board be deleted or averaged as then one of the pair might be penalised more than the other. comments please.


    edited 8:16PM
    If a board is scheduled to be played it but it is cancelled because there is not time, it should not be scored as "Not Played".

    The TD can award Average Plus/Average/Average Minus (60%/50%/40%) to each side depending on how much they are at fault for the time running out. The award for the two sides need not balance.
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