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"Having None"

edited December 2011 in Bridge Laws
In one of my bridge clubs there are 2 -3 players who seem to have a pathological difficulty in keeping to the suit that has been led. When playing against them one has to constantly keep alert in order to avoid a revoke happening, which adds an additional mental strain which one could well do without! Yesterday evening, such an event happened, which I alerted, and it caused a great deal of consternation and general bad feeling that I was left thinking "Is it worth flagging this up?"

At a recent Mr Bridge weekend, I first came across the phrase "Having none partner?", something which I hadn't heard before. (Only been playing club bridge for a few years.) However, having remembered it this morning I was thinking that if this phrase is also available to the opposition, albeit in the amended form of "Having none ....?", then the problem might be more easily resolved. I can't see how the opponents pointing out the lack of a suit is any different from the partner.


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    Law 61B covers this. Declarer may ask a defender, dummy may ask declarer but not the defenders,Defenders may ask declarer and also one another.
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