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Called card or not?

edited October 2011 in Bridge Laws
We had a ruling at the Club under Law 45.4. (b) which surprised me.

I was under the impression that any card called for by declarer is a played card.

The director ruled in favour of declarer on the following,

Declarer (south) led from his hand and west ruffed.
Declarer called a card from the table which effectively was an underruff.
He immediately realised he had made a mistake, & corrected this to a higher trump & claimed it was an "unintended designation".

I thought that once a card is called for, it is played.

The clause referred to above seems to cast doubt on this. Was the director right? If he was wrong can you please provide an example of where clause 4(b) in Law 45 applies.


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    Law 45.4b is the correct law.
    If declarer calls for a card and immediately and without pause for thought corrected it then it maybe changed. The point from which he realises his error is taken as the point at which he must immediately change his designation.
    If, for example, dummy indicated it was the wrong card or perhaps declarer looked at the played card, paused and then indicated he had made an error then probably a change would not be permitted. The law is there to deal with a "mispeak"
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