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Sitting out

edited September 2011 in Anything Else
At my local, large, bridge club it is always East/West who have to sit out as the Directors refuse to sit out. Some of the members arrive up to 2 hours early and leave a diary or something to reserve their North/South places. One Director even said he would no longer direct if he had to sit out! I play in another club where we alternate if there is a half table. Is there any rule that applies here?


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    There's no general rule, it's up to the club to decide how to manage half tables; if the club doesn't decide it is up to the TD.

    One club I play at used to ask the two pairs starting at each table to toss a coin, the winner could decide if they sat EW or NS (other than for a few pairs who had mobility problems and were allowed not to move).
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    With a half table, I as Director always sit out first which gives me time to review proceedings.

    Don't tell me that your Directors are excused table money as well!
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    What's wrong with N/S sitting out if ther is an odd number of tables and E/w if there

    is an even number?

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    Thank you all for your comments. Deciding whose turn it is to sit out is simple: all our results are computerized, and there is a printout put up in the hall within a few hours of play finishing so we always know who sat out the day before. It is the refusal of the directors to sit out that is the problem. And yes, nipponnev, they do get free play! I shall go back to the Chairman with your comments and see if he will finally do something about it.
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    A frther comment. With an even number of tables (ie 5 !/2 7 1/2 etc) an EW sitout on the highest numbered table makes sense as it does away with the need for the highest numbered table and table 1 to share boards when playing a share and relay Mitchell movement.

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