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Failure to announce: what is the penalty/correct procedure

edited September 2011 in Bridge Laws
Dealer bids: 1NT; the opponents Pass throughout; Partner: 2D; failure to announce: Transfer; Dealer breaks relay and bids 3H; partner bids 4H.
At this stage, Partner's Left Hand Opponent: says, Failure to Alert, therefore he is entitled to the original 2D bid.
Is this right?
Thank you.


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    There's no immediate penalty for failing to announce. If somebody never announces (because they disagree with the idea or something) then the director might eventually first warn then fine them, because they are not obeying the regulations.

    The director might adjust the result if he thought that the lack of announcement caused a problem at the table on the hand. For example, if it went 1NT P 2D (no announcement) and the next player had a nice diamond suit and would double if there was an announcement... but instead they pass because they think 2D is a weak take-out.
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