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Change of Call

edited August 2011 in Bridge Laws
My LHO (dealer) opened 1H and my partner bid 2H. My RHO asked the meaning of the bid, and I correctly stated our agreement, that it was natural, i.e only having a heart suit to bid, with opening points. I know others have different agreements, but that is ours.!
My partner had meant to bid 2D (picking the wrong card from the box), and didn’t know that she could correct it after my RHO had asked it's meaning. (We now realise that it could have been corrected as it was a manual error, but at the time she didn't.)
Following this more bidding continued and at the end of the auction my partner ended up in 3NT. (Unfortunately going one off - not enough hearts !)
Q. What at the end of the auction should (or shouldn’t) she ha­­­ve told our opponents to redress her error ?


    edited 10:27AM
    Answer: your partner does not need to say anything.

    The laws allow players to misbid whether it is deliberate or a mistake, as long as there is not hidden agreement (and no one would suggest you have agreed (1H)-2H shows diamonds). So overcaller has not made an error against the laws, just against your agreements.

    However, it is normal, at the end of the hand to explain how an unusual bid happened. "I pulled the wrong card, I meant to bid 2D", "It was a joke, I thought the round was going badly", or whatever.

    If you don't explain how an unusual bid happened, the opponents might want the hand recorded, to make sure there is no pattern to such unusual bids by your partnership.
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