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edited June 2007 in All Things Bridge
A relatively newcomer to Bridge I have joined a local club. A recent game started with my RH opponent's opening bid of 3 hearts. Now I held 5 hearts including 2 honours, and 20 HC points and was uncertain what to bid. Eventually I decided to pass. I was then accused of undue hesitation and giving illegal information to my partner, who was then denied a bid. This prompts me to ask the following questions... (1) What should I have bid? (2) How much time are you allowed to think? (3) Is there any other game where you can be defamed and accused of cheating without any form of redress? (4) Is this the way to encourage newcomers to the game? Needless to say, I feel quite deflated.


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    It is true that your hesitation in a situation like this creates a serious problem for your partner, but the director acted illegally by barring him from bidding. It is not illegal to create unauthorised information; it is illegal to make use of it. So if you hesitate and then pass, partner is indeed held to the 7/10 criterion.
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